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Intelligent building technologies

Intelligent building technologies

Modern day's building infrastructure comprises not only structures and rooms with their relevant functions. It also includes architectural solutions requiring the use of integrated, modern ICT technologies and security technologies, and also their reliable and comfortable operation.

Given the diversity and complexity of the installation of modern buildings and the development of information technology, electronic and control systems are used building management. An intelligent building is one cohesive system, linking all the building management functions. It is a user-friendly environment, controlling and providing all necessary services in relevant time.

It ensures functionality and flexibility in terms of customising the building's functions to both current and future requirements of its users.

  • HVAC automation and visualization
  • BMS systems integration and customization
  • EIB/KNX systems
  • power management and maintenance cost optimization
  • lighting control systems
  • manufacturing process automation and visualization
  • parking gate and barrier control automation
  • audio-visual systems
  • multimedia systems
  • control and measurement devices

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