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Multi-Vision Bis was the original company name and it was founded in 1995.

Initially, the activity was merely based on the design, execution and operation of cable television systems. We perfectly adjusted to modern technology and the incoming wave of growing demand for this type of service. The first cable television transmitters and the access to new programmes made a great impression on customers dreaming to have this kind of technology at home. In a short period of time we have managed to become one of the largest companies of its kind in Western Pomerania, presenting new solutions in the field of telecommunication installations. A year later, we expanded our offer into electronic systems and industrial automation systems. Therefore, we were able not only to execute these systems, but also to equip all kinds of private and civil service buildings with the systems mentioned.

A rapid growth of IT sector which was only just being established, a demand for this type of services and rivalry on the market without doubt contributed to the expansion of our company not only in terms of technology, design and execution. It also resulted in personal development.

In the year 1997 we intensively worked on the preparation and implementation of copyright software SANATOR.

This program was created in cooperation with the most famous Polish spa resorts in order to improve patient customer service. Then, it was enriched with modules related to the operation of leisure and tourist facilities, hotels, sports and recreational facilities and spa centers.

Our main assumption was to create an efficient and safe, but also easy to use system which would enhance the management of treatment, recreational and hotel base. The first implementation of this dedicated system was realized in Połczyn Zdrój Spa Resort and a centre being a part of Połczyn Zdrój Spa Resort - “Gryf.”

In 2003 under the name mvb (the name of the company was changed in the year 2000) we moved our office to a modern building which was designed and constructed in accordance with the principles of BMS building system, the so-called intelligent building. It is also a research and presentation centre. As soon as any technological innovations appear (concerning technological, tele-IT, electroenergetic, building technology systems and installations), we immediately test them and adjust to the needs of our customers.

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